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The first Smartphone of my kids

As a kid becomes older – mainly due to the social pressure around him– he will ask for a Smartphone. That shouldn’t be a reason for parents to feel concerned.

We live surrounded by technology, that’s an undeniable fact. Living in a society where Internet and new technologies are fully integrated in our daily life has lead young users to get involved really early into it. When was the last time you saw a baby having fun with a Tablet? That’s what we mean. Technology has come to stay.

‘Millennials’ are well known for integrating technology into their learning stages, no one had to show them how to use a computer or a smartphone, since it is something they have grown with. This is definitely something really beneficial for them as it encourages the use of these tools they have been given to boost their capabilities and potential skills.

A well-known TV character used to say ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ and that’s exactly what happens with Smartphones.

When we decide to give a smartphone to a teenager, we must take into account that we are putting into his hands a tool by which he could both hurt himself and the people that surround him, That’s why we should consider supervising his mobile activity, improving the teenager’s whole experience and of course letting parents feel confident about their son’s acts.

We must avoid frequently used techniques as constantly revising what the teenager is doing, what did was he ‘Googling’ some hours ago on his phone history or what is he talking about on Whatsapp as this usually leads to discussion and personal privacy intrusion.

That’s why there exist some tools that let you manage, supervise and remotely control Smartphones, and of course in a remote, comfortable, discreet and reliable way.