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How Young is Too Young For a Smartphone?

There is no right or wrong answer here. It will highly depend on your child, and how you think they will handle having a smartphone. Some children are more mature than others, and giving them a cell phone is not a big deal. While others may allow the responsibility of a cell phone to get to their head.

Smartphones allow you to be in contact with your child all the time. This can be helpful if the child is left on their own after school, or if they often have to stay after school for a practice.

A large majority of teenagers own a smartphone now days, as we live in the digital age. There was a time when we were lucky to have a phone in our home, now they are with us everywhere we go.

Landlines are becoming obsolete, and it has almost become a necessity to allow your child to have a phone, because there is not one in your home. It is just one less bill that you have to pay, and there is no fighting to use the phone, as everyone has their own.

On average, most children own a cell phone by the time they are 12. Some even report giving their child a cell phone as young as the age of 6. There is a load of apps that are available that will help you ensure that your child is using their smartphone in a safe manner. No matter what age your child is, you will want to set rules in place.

Monitoring tools will help you watch your child’s cell phone activity, so you can ensure they are following the rules you put into place. As long as you are paying the phone bill, you will need to have a say in how it is used. While smartphones are convenient, they come with a load of responsibility. Children can get involved with mischievous acts, which could lead to lifelong consequences.

Speak to your child about the dangers that are involved with owning a phone, and do spot checks. If you catch them engaging in activity that is questionable, then it is your job as a parent to ensure punishment is carried out.

Deciding on an age to give your child a smartphone is your choice. You know your child best, but never make the mistake of giving them too much freedom, as they are still children.