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Using Technology As A Parenting Tool

Being a parent is not a simple job, but most technologies can be used to help you monitor your children when you are not around. With the list of mobile devices growing, parents are gaining more and more control over what their children are doing.

Many mobile devices come with parent controls built in, which will allow you to set time limits of use, block certain activities, and control what your child is viewing. Apple is utilizing these controls on their iOS devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

There are many apps in the Play store or App store that allows you to monitor your teenagers activity. These functions could include a feature where you can remotely locate your child. This is an extremely handy feature for parents to have. The family locator function will allow a parent to be with their child, even when they are not around.

Parents no longer have to hesitate about giving their child a cell phone. It is actually their Gateway into their child’s life. Being able to see what your child is doing when you are not around, is priceless. This will allow you to teach them moral lessons, and ensure they are not getting into activities that could cause life long consequences.

There are free apps available that will allow you to accomplish a number of parenting task. You can even download an app to help younger children with their homework. The possibilities are endless.

Parental controls will allow you to become proactive, as you can monitor, block and interrupt mobile device activity. Here are some of the things you will be able to do with parental controls on your child’s electronic devices.

Define parameters, which will alert you when keywords are used in a text message or browser search.

  • Be alerted when blocked numbers try to call your child’s cell phone.
  • Set up GEO fencing, which will let you know when your child enters an area that is forbidden.
  • Set up time frames when the mobile device can be used.
  • Define which apps can be used, and which are forbidden.
  • Explore behavior while inside an application.
  • Restrict the user from buying apps.
  • Block websites.
  • Access phone logs, text messages and pictures that are stored on the device.
Not all parent control software will act the same, but the possibilities are endless. Using technology as a parenting tool is one of the smartest things that parents can do.