What is Locategy?
Locategy enables parents and educators to keep track of their children’s whereabouts, to stay engaged with their children’s mobile experience and to limit or restrict app use towards creating a balanced and healthy approach to the child’s mobile experience.
How to install Locategy?
The same Locategy app must be downloaded and installed on both the primary (parent) monitoring device and on the secondary (child) mobile device to be monitored.
Next, the parent should create an account on his own mobile device and set it up as a primary (parent) device.
Then, on the child’s device, the parent signs-in with the same parent account username and password used on the primary device. This time he sets it up as a secondary (child) device.
What can I do with Locategy?
A parent may use Locategy to:
  • Instantly locate his child and other monitored devices.
  • View device use reports, including calls and time spent on individual apps.
  • Lock apps for specific time ranges and on specific days of the weeks to help reduce distractions affecting his child at school or for more attentive social interactions at family meal times.
  • Receive automatic notifications when his child reaches or leaves a pre-defined Place (school, home, sports club, etc.)
  • View the current and historical locations where his child has been over the last few days.
  • Remote wipe his child’s entire phone or tablet in the event of loss or theft to protect your child’s data and Identity.
  • Manage multiple accounts: Parents and other authorized guardians could monitor multiple child devices each with their respective smartphones.
What location services need be activated on the secondary (child) device?
We do recommend to set child device in Location mode "High Accuracy", although Locategy even works in "Power Saving" mode.
.To activate it, in your child device go to a Settings -> Location -> "High Accuracy".
Locategy doesn’t drain your battery. It has been designed with advanced algorithms to optimize the battery usage.
How could I contact Locategy?
For enquiries, send us a mail to
How secure is my data on Locategy?
All Locategy data is encrypted, whether it’s being transmitted or received by your devices, our website or our data centers. Our data centers are located in Ireland and are managed by Amazon Web Services.
Can Locategy lock or remote wipe data on a lost or stolen phone?
Yes, if a secondary (child) device such as a smartphone has been stolen or lost, all you need to do is remote wipe it using the primary (parent) device and a factory reset will be executed, deleting irreversibly all contents from the lost device.
Can I locate my lost or stolen device if Locategy was not installed on the phone?
No. Locategy must be installed and activated on the stolen or lost device and it must have Data network or Wi-Fi coverage to be locatable.
In which languages is Locategy available?
Locategy is available in several languages.
The language in which Locategy is prompted depends on the language of the phone settings.
To change to another language follow these steps:
  • Go to your phone's Settings
  • Set your language & regional preferences
  • Locategy app will appear in the set language if it is supported. Otherwise, English is the default language.
Could more than one parent monitor the same child device?
Yes. Locategy allows one or more primary (parent) devices to monitor one or more secondary (child) devices, including wearables, smartphones and tablets.
Will the use of the app affect the battery life of my phone?
Locategy is designed for efficient battery consumption. However, this may vary according to the time spent using the application.
Will the app use affect my data plan?
Locategy is an online service, and therefore an Internet connection is needed for it to work. If you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, you will need to use 3G or 4G. Actual data consumption is low compared to popular applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp.
Special features for supervised iOS devices (child device)
If your child's supervised device is an iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod) due to the peculiarities of the iOS operating system:
  • It is not possible to see the detail of use of the apps, calls made or web access (yes it is possible to block web access, but not see what allowed URLs have accessed)
  • You can block the apps installed on the child's iOS device, but all at once.
In case of any other combination (Father with iOS and son with Android, or father and son with Android) the father will be able to access all the functionality of Locategy, without any restrictions.
Location: Current and historical
Who can I locate?
You can locate any secondary (child) device on which Locategy has been previously installed and linked to your primary (parent) account.
To link a secondary (child) device to your primary one, you must sign-in to Locategy on the secondary (child) device with the same username used for signing-in on the primary (parent) device.
How does Locategy locate a device?
The secondary (child) device sends a positioning signal whenever it moves 50 meters. If it continues to move beyond the first 50 meters it will seamlessly switch to sending the signal every 2 mins until it stops moving.
The primary (parent) device displays the current and historical location for all linked secondary (child) devices on an easy to read map.
If the secondary (child) device does not move, its location will be refreshed every 15 min.
The location accuracy does not depend on Locategy but on the Mobile Network being used. We recommend having both WiFi, Data and GPS turned on for the best location accuracy.
Locategy also works perfectly in the Power Saving Mode.
What is Location History?
Locategy shows location information for up to four days is displayed on a map on the primary (parent) device
Could Locategy locate a stolen or lost device?
Locategy could locate a secondary (child) device that has been lost, mislaid or stolen only if Locategy has previously been installed on it, linked to your primary (parent) device and with Wi-Fi or Data coverage to provide its location.
Locategy can never be used to locate a primary (parent) device.
How accurate is the location provided?
Location accuracy is not provided by Locategy but for the telecom provider. We recommend having WiFi, Data and GPS turned on for the best location accuracy.
Locategy can track several secondary devices, such as a smartphone, tablet or Android watch, used by the same child. It allows a parent to create unique names for each device and track the devices jointly or independently.
Why do I get latitude and longitude coordinates instead of a street address when locating a secondary (child) device?
Locategy sends location requests to an external mapping content provider in order to display the exact street address where a secondary (child) device is located.
If the mapping content provider is unable to identify the exact street address, the latitude and longitude coordinates are displayed instead.
What are Places?
Locategy allows a parent to define relevant Places such as home, school, a sporting club and every time any of the monitored secondary (child) devices reaches or leaves the Place, the parent will receive an automatic notification on his primary device.
Every primary (parent) device) may define his own Places of interest if monitoring the same secondary (child) device as another parent.
How can I define a Place?
You can define a Place by following those steps:
  1. Go to the left-side menu.
  2. Tap on Places.
  3. Tap on "+NEW" to define a new Place.
  4. Add a name and the street address of the Place you want to define.
  5. Save the Place before leaving.
PS: You cannot create two Places that are less than 300m away from each other.
Can I edit or delete a Place?
Yes, you can edit or delete a Place at any time following these instructions:
  1. Go to the left-side menu
  2. Tap on Places
  3. Tap on edit or delete on a Place you want to modify
  4. After modifying the Place, save it to keep the new data.
How accurate are Place notifications?
Place notifications are defined by set circles with 150 meters radii, so every time one of the monitored secondary (child) devices reaches or leaves a circle with a radius of 150 meters from the defined Place, a notification will be sent to the primary (parent) device.
Why can’t I create a new Place near to an existing one?
Place notifications are defined by set circles with 150 meter radii. Locategy does not allow the user to define of a new Place less than 300 meters from a previously defined Place on the same primary (parent) device.
Remote App-Locking
How can I monitor the apps installed on the secondary (child) devices?
Locategy allows the primary (parent) devices to view the apps installed on the secondary (child) devices, and to remotely lock their use for a defined time range and day range. The locked app is password protected and cannot be opened on the secondary (child) device without knowing the primary (parent) device owner’s password.
The secondary device will display a Locategy page when the secondary (child) device user tries to access the locked app.
How do I know an app is locked?
When viewing the list of apps, a locked app will display a locked red padlock whilst an unlocked app will display an unlocked green padlock.
How can I unlock an app?
Just tap on the locked app and select "Unlock".
Can I instantly lock an app?
Yes, as soon as an app is remotely locked from the primary (parent) device, that same app will be locked on the secondary (child) device.
What happens if the app is in use when locking it?
The app in use will be instantly locked.
Can I change the times and days when I want the app to stay locked?
Yes, you can edit your app locking preferences in terms of time range and days of the week at any time:
  1. Tap on the locked app and select "Unlock".
  2. Tap again on the app and select "Set time range".
  3. Define the time range and the days of the week during which the app will remain locked.
  4. Tap on "Save" to keep the changes.
Can I lock an app permanently?
Yes. Tap on the app you want to block and select "At all times".
Use Reports
What kind of reports can I access?
Locategy provides reports about the use of each app, incoming and outgoing calls, and visited websites. These reports are displayed separately for each secondary (child) device.
What information is available in the use reports?
App use reports provides the start time and duration for every session the app was used and the total time spent on each app for the last few days.
Calls reports list incoming, outgoing or missed calls, the call number, the time the call started and its duration.
Web usage reports provide the URL of the website, the time the web page was accessed, the application from which it was accessed, and the information on whether the webpage was blocked on the device.
What period do the reports cover?
Locategy use reports cover the current day, and the previous four days.
Why do not I see the application usage of the monitored device?
In order to see the use of applications, you must have active use of data for the Locategy application on the monitored device. To configure it, go to "Device Settings" -> "Security"-> "Apps with usage Access" and activate this function for Locategy
Why do not I see the web activity of the monitored device?
To see the web activity you have to enable "Accessibility" for the application Locategy. On the monitored device go to "Settings" of the device -> "Accessibility" and activate this function for Locategy
Blocking web activity
How can I enable web blocking?
Open Locategy on the parent device, go to Settings, and from there activate or deactivate the blocking of websites.
You can also do this by logging in to Locategy website with your user and going to Settings in the menu.
How to configure the web block?
By activating the web block you can select which categories, as well as the specific domains, you want to block.
Why web access blocking is not working?
Locategy blocks web browsing through Chrome and Samsung browsers. We encourage you to block the use of other app browsers in the child's device to be able to secure web control through Locategy.
What type of notifications are sent?
Automated Geo-fencing notifications are sent when a monitored device (child) reaches or leaves a predefined place.
These geo-fencing notifications appear in the notification bar on the supervisors’ device and are sent to him by email.
The supervisor will also receive notifications whenever "Location Services" or "Data Access" are activated or deactivated on the monitored device.
Can I disable notifications?
You can enable or disable sending notifications by email from settings on the Locategy website.
How can I change my password or account details?
You can change your password, email address, names and pictures associated with your family account from the Locategy App itself.
To do this, on the Locategy App, click on "Settings" in the menu and then click on the edit icon in the top right corner to edit your information.
How can I reset my password?
You can reset the password at any time from the Locategy website.
From the login page, click on "I forgot my password" and follow the instructions.
Can I cancel my account?
You can cancel your account at any time:
  1. Go to, login with your username and password, go to the left-side menu
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on "Delete account"
Note that deleting your account will log you out and unlink all primary (parent) and secondary (child) devices linked to your account.
All your Locategy data will be irreversibly deleted from Locategy servers and from all previously linked devices.
Can I unlink my primary (parent) device from the account without deleting it?
Yes. You can unlink your primary (parent) device at any time from the account, meaning that your device will no longer be associated with that account. To proceed, please go to:
  1. Go to the left-side menu
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap on "Unlink"
Your device will be immediately logged-out and unlinked from the account.
All the other devices, both primary (parent) and secondary (Childs)’ or supervised devices will remain logged-in.
The Locategy data on your recently unlinked device will be deleted, but the data will remain on the servers and available for the other linked devices.
From the primary (parent) device, can I remotely unlink a child or secondary supervised device?
Yes. Note than when remotely unlinking a child or supervised device, it will remain with no control from your side, and you will lost any capacity to track or control the use of apps. To proceed, please go to:
  1. Go to the left-side menu
  2. Tap on the child/device you want to unlink
  3. Tap on "Settings"
  4. Tap on "Unlink child device"
You will logout and unlink the child device from the account. All the other devices, both parents’ and Childs’ or supervised devices will remain linked. The Locategy data in the unlinked device will be deleted, but it will remain on the servers for the other linked devices.
You can link again the child device to the account by installing Locategy on it.
If I change or use a new smartphone, how can I keep the data?
Just install Locategy on your new device and sign-in using the same username and password originally used to create your Locategy account. During the signing-in process, select "This is a parent device" and all the data from the last four days will be synchronized with your new device.
How can I log out from the app?
To logout from Locategy, follow those instructions:
  1. Go to the left-side menu
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap on "Unlink"
That will logout and unlink your device from your Locategy account. All the Locategy local data stored at your device, will be permanently deleted.
What is Locategy Premium?
Locategy Premium gives you access to Locategy’s full features:
  • Unlimited Places: Predefine as many places as you wish to receive automated notifications when your child reaches or leaves these places.
  • Unlimited application Lock: No limit to the number of Apps you can lock.
  • Location: Get up to 30 dais's history.
  • App usage: Get up to 30 days’ history.
  • Call log and Web activity: Get up to 30 days’ history.
  • Remote wipe: Protect your child’s identity by deleting all the information on the child device.
There are 3 plans for premium:
  • Premium for 3 devices: you can associate 3 devices, whether parent or child (eg 1 parent-2 children, or 2 parents-1 children). In addition to these 3 licenses, you will have free access to supervision on from any PC or mobile browser.
  • Premium for 5 devices: you can associate 5 devices, whether parent or child (eg 1 parent-4 children, or 3 parents-2 children, etc.). In addition to these 5 licenses, you will have free access to supervision on from any PC or mobile browser.
  • Premium for 10 devices: you can associate 10 devices, whether parent or child (eg 1 parent-9 children, or 3 parents-7 children, etc.). In addition to these 10 licenses, you will have free access to supervision on from any PC or mobile browser.
I’ve reached the limit for the number of allowed devices, what can I do?
How do I purchase the Locategy Premium service?
To upgrade to Locategy Premium proceed as follows:
  1. Open Locategy app on your device
  2. Open the Menu
  3. Select Premium
  4. Follow the steps to purchase.
  5. Enjoy a week of free premium during your trial period
How do I cancel Locategy Premium?
You can cancel your premium subscription at any time.
Configure device
Please make the following adjustments to your child's device if it is an Android device:
  1. Enable Locategy in "Apps with usage access"
    1. Go to Settings > Security > Apps with usage access
    2. Enable Locategy
  2. Enable Locategy in "Accessibility"
    1. Go to Settings > Accessibility
    2. Enable Locategy
  3. Enable Locategy in "Device administrators"
    1. Go to Settings > Device administrators
    2. Enable Locategy
  4. Enable Locategy permissions
    1. Go to Settings > Apps
    2. Tab on "Locategy"
    3. Tab on "Permissions"
    4. Enable all the requested permissions for "Locategy"
There are some adjustments to be done in your Samsung device to ensure the proper functioning of Locategy:
  • Android 6 and later: Go to "Settings" > "Device Maintenance" > "Battery" > "Unmonitored Apps" > Add Locategy to the list
  • Android 5 and earlier: Go to "Settings" > "Battery" > "Energy saving apps" or "App optimization" (the title may change depending on the model) > Search for Locategy and tap, select option "Off"
On Android 6 onwards it is also recommended to disable the general "Power Saving" status, accessible from the "Battery" menu.
There are some adjustments to be done in your Huawei device to ensure the proper functioning of Locategy:
  • Android 8 (EMUI 8) and later:
    • Open "Phone Manager" > "Cleanup" > Go to Settings (gear icon) > Disable "Auto cleanup"
    • Go to "Settings" > "Battery" > Make sure "Ultra power saving mode" is turned of
    • At the same screen "Settings" > "Battery" > Go to "Battery usage" > "Locategy" > "Launch" > Disable "Manage automatically" and make sure that "Auto-launch", "Secundary launch" and "Run in backgorund" are turned on
  • Android 7 (EMUI 5):
    • Go to "Settings" > "Battery" > Make sure that "Power insensitive prompt" and "Close excessively power intensive apps" are turned off
    • Go to "Settings" > "Battery" > "Lock screen cleanup" > Set Locategy to "Off"
    • Open "Phone Manager" > "Cleanup" > Go to Settings (gear icon) > "Memory cleanup whitelist" > Set Locategy to "On"
  • Android 6 (EMUI 4) and earlier:
    • Go to "Settings" > In the search look for "Battery" > "Battery manager" > "Protected Apps" > Set Locategy to "On"
There are some adjustments to be done in your Xiaomi device to ensure the proper functioning of Locategy:
  • Go to the "Security" app > "Permissions" > "Autostart" > select Locategy
  • Go to "Settings" > "Battery and Performance" > "Manage apps battery usage" > "Power Saving Modes" and toggle this option off
There are some adjustments to be done in your Meizu device to ensure the proper functioning of Locategy:
  • Go to the "Security" app > "Permissions" > "Autostart" > select Locategy
  • Go to "Settings" > "Battery and Performance" > "Manage apps battery usage" > "Power Saving Modes" and toggle this option off
There are some adjustments to be done in your Wiko device to ensure the proper functioning of Locategy:
  • Android 6 or later: Go to "Settings" > "Protected apps" > In "Default-defined" tap to make it "User-defined" > Activate Locategy in the list
  • Android 5 or earlier: If possible, you must update your Wiko device to Android 6 to access the "Protected Apps" menu. To do this go to "Settings" > "About Phone" > "System Updates" and accept in case there are pending updates
iPhone - iPad - iPod
Please make the following adjustments to your child's device if it is an iPhone, iPad or iPod device:
  1. Send location
    1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services
    2. Enable "Location Services"
    3. On the same screen, set "Location Services" for "Locategy" to "Always"
  2. Allow service to keep running in background mode
    1. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh
    2. Enable "Background App Refresh"
    3. On the same screen, set "Background App Refresh" enabled for "Locategy"
  3. Allow Notifications
    1. Go to Settings > Locategy > Notifications
    2. Enable "Allow Notifications"
  4. Allow Mobile Data
    1. Go to Settings > Locategy
    2. Enable "Mobile Data"
  5. Restart device