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    Mobile security and control
    for real people
    Locate your loved ones, understand and protect
    your child’s mobile activity
    Available for Android and iOS devices

Locategy empowers people to mitigate the perceived threats to children and loved ones
while enabling the whole family to enjoy the benefits of a Mobile Lifestyle.


Track your children’s location at any time. See where they are at any time with a click of a button.

Usage reports

Parents can receive, directly on their phone, activity reports that help understand their children’s activities: time usage of any application like social apps or games, etc.

Application Time limits

Limit individual application usage time to avoid distractions by games or social apps at school or during family activities.

Location alerts

Parents can configure the service to receive an automatic alert when their child reaches a defined location (school, home, sports center, etc.).

Historical location

View the current location and recent location history of the last few days

Multiple "Parent" devices

Parents or tutors can monitor their children’s devices using their own Smartphones.